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Tortoise Shell Decorative Nail - Nickel

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Tortoise Shell Decorative Nail - Nickel
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COLOuRNail 7/16" Head 1/2" Nail - Nickel-Plated
APPEARANCEBright Silver finish on a hammered "tortoise shell" design head.
CONTAINSSteel/Nickel Plated
DESCRIPTION1515A 1/2" Nickel Plated Decorative Nail
DIMENSIONSNail Length: 1/2" (1.3 cm) Head Diameter: 7/16" (1.1 cm)
FEATURESBright silver finish on the "tortoise shell" design nail. Head diameter is 7/16". Decorative nails are used to compliment show woods and gimps on furniture, as well as to anchor nail strips and trims.
USESUpholstery. Decorative nails should be set lightly in place with a tack hammer, then final set with a mallet to avoid damaging the ornamental face.

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