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Sunbrella® Centrefold Binding 7/8" - Burgundy

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Sunbrella® Centrefold Binding 7/8" - Burgundy
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SALE UNITSold Per Foot
COLORSunbr. Centerfold Binding - Burgundy
CONTAINS100% Burgundy solution dyed spun acrylic
DESCRIPTIONSunbrella binding with a natural fold in the centre of the tape to allow for a smooth and more efficient fit onto the item being trimmed.
FEATURESThe woven in the fold will prevent the binding from "necking down" when under tension, common in bindings not woven this way. The blind side behaves the same as the front, can be used with or without guides. All the exposure and mildew resistant features of Sunbrella products are built into this binding.
USESSunbrella Products
WIDTH.875" (2.222cm)

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