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Sand - Sunguard UVR Bonded Polyester B92 Thread

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Sunguard UVR Bonded Polyester B92 Thread - Sand
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sale unitSold Per Spool.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONSTAR ULTRA DEE #92 JOCKEY RED (1035 Yards)-100% Polyester thread with excellent resistance for outdoor and garment applications.
CAUTIONSThe thread shades have been formulated to offer the highest standards in color matching. Due to manufacturing and dyeing processes, the thread may appear darker on the spool than the color card. When sewn into the fabric, the thread should match the colors shown on the card. During situations on which the thread color is different from the fabric, please test for compatibility before use.
ELONGATIONElongation 14-17%
FEATURESNon-Wicking: Sunguard will not absorb water or swell., The B92 Sunguard Thread has approximately 2300 yards (2100 m) per 8oz spool and approximately 4600 yard (4200M) per 16 oz spool., The B92 Sunguard thread is a 4 Ply twisted UVR Bonded Polyester, Bobbins available in Black and White in Type "G" & "M". Type "G"- White Part # 922011, Black Part # 922241. Type "M"- White Part # 922012, Black Part # 922242.
MILDEW RESISTANCEProduct is Mildew Resistant.
USESShading (Awning / Gazebo / Umbrella), Outdoor, Boat Tops, Boat Covers

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