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High Gloss Reflective Trim - 1 3/8" - White

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High Gloss Reflective Trim - 1 3/8" - White
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION6160 1 3/8" High Gloss Trim - White is a High Gloss White Reflective Tape. Designed to enhance the visibility of the wearer, in daytime, night time or low-light conditions.
ABRASION5000 Cycles
CAUTIONSDamp wipe using warm water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, dry with a soft cloth. Machine wash with warm water (40 C, 105 F) and tumble dry at low temperature setting (38 C, 100 F )
FEATURESFlexible, glossy, and U.V. Stabilized.
TEAR STRENGTHStore in a cool dry place. Rolls should be stored on a rod or pipe through the core. Cut sheets may be stored flat.
USESSafety vests, harnesses, uniforms, jackets, outerwear, armbands, and straps/belts.

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