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Fibreflex Indoor Welt

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Fibreflex Indoor Welt
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Sale UnitSold Per Foot
ColourFiber Flex Welt (1600 yd spool)
CONTAINSPaper Welt cord plain
DENIERYarn is 70 Denier.
DESCRIPTION4/32", 5/32", 12/32", 5/32" Fibreflex Welt T Braid Welting Cord Trims
DIAMETERDiameter: 4/32", 5/32", 12/32", 5/32"
FAQRoll size is 1600 Yards, approx 1460 Meters. Content: Cellulose Tissue with Polyester Yarns.
FEATUREST Braid welting cord. The T Braid welt features a wrapping of a strong tight thread (the 'T Braid') that makes it very stable and consistent over time, it will not flatten or squeeze out. A proven product.
USESUsed in furniture manufacturing, automotive and R.V. applications.

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