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Faux Ultraleather 54" - Brick

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Faux Ultraleather 54" - Brick
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SALE UNITSSold Per Running Yard
ABRASION400,000 Double Rubs
CAUTIONSWhite Polyurethane: Risk of dye transfer from clothing (especially blue jeans) onto white polyurethanes. This transfer is due to the wide range of dyes now being used in clothing coming from different countries. This is not a defect of the polyurethane.
CLEANING CODEMild soap and water. Dry immediately with a soft, dry cloth.
CLEANER DISCLAIMERDilution ratios must be followed. Materials must be wiped with clean water after use and wiped dry with a clean cloth.
COLD CRACKProduct Cold Crack is equal to or greater than -28 degrees Celsius (-18 Fahrenheit)
CONTENT100% Polyurethane (PU)
CROCKINGAATCC 8: Dry = Class 5, AATCC 8: Wet = Class 5
ECOFRIENDLYPVC Free, Oeko Tex Certified
ELONGATIONPasses ASTM D751 - Weft 40% x Warp 15%
FEATURESStretch SAE J855 - Fill 25 % x Warp 5%, ASTM D3690-02 Sect. 6.11 (Hydrolytic Stability), ISO 1419 Method C (Accelerated Ageing) (Jungle Test) 14 Weeks. Standard Ennis 2 year warranty.
FINISHStain and Soil Resistant Finish, Water Resistant
FIRE RETARDANCYASTM-E84 (Horizontal Tunnel), California Technical Bulletin 117-Section E, MVSS302, NFPA 260 Class 1, UFAC Class 1
INDUSTRYContract, Education, Hospitality, Office, Residential, RV, Transportation
PILLINGPasses ASTM D3512 - Class 5
RAILROADEDNot Railroaded
ROLL SIZE30 yards (27 m)
SEAM SLIPPAGEPasses Seam Slippage - Weft 46.7 x Warp 44.6 lbs
STYLESolids/Plain, Texture
TEAR STRENGTHPasses ASTM D1117 - Weft 21.7 x Warp 14.7 lbs
TENSILE STRENGTHPasses ASTM D5034 - Weft 95 x Warp 93 lbs
ULTRAVIOLETLightfastness is 60 Hours
USESAutomotive Seating, Hospitality Seating, Office Seating, Residential Seating, RV Fabrics
WEIGHT13.95 Ounces per Linear Yard, 9.30 Ounces per Square Yard
WIDTH54" (137 cm)

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