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Easy Klip - Black

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Easy Klip - Black
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONEasy Klip Mini is a wedge-lock designed clip that actually tightens the clips grip as it is pulled tighter on the load increases.
CAUTIONSThe clip will not grip the fabric if the wedge is not forced in initially to make the first bite. Easy clip has an extremely high grip on most fabrics, after being subjected to high loading and may be difficult to remove in an emergency. If so insert a coin between shoulders of wedge and bridge to lever over the wedge.
CONTENT100% Nylon
FEATURESPreform well on hemmed on non hemmed plastics and fabrics., Simple, fast and effective means of replacing eyelets or creating fixing points, without the need for tools. Designed to increase clamping pressure on grip, as the load increases., - Instant grip up to 150lbs - Quick release mechanism - Reusable - Can apply with one hand, Also known as "hold on" in Europe., Holds up to 3mm thick fabric.
USESOutdoor, Boat Covers, Banners / Flags / Signs

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