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Drapery Grommet Hole Punch - 1.57"

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Drapery Grommet Hole Punch - 1.57"
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COLORFabric Hole Cutter
CAUTIONSGrommets are to be used with manufacturers dies and vice versa. Although some are interchangeable, any damages to the die or grommets are done at the user's risk. Please determine the suitability of this product prior to using.
FAQThis Hole Cutter is used for 1.57" Grommets. Content: Steel
FEATURESTool is used as any punch. A mallet is recommended for striking the punch and a soft surface under the material will prevent the hardened steel cutter from damage and premature dulling. Hole cutting pad is strongly recommended and will maximize the life of the punch.

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