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Dot® Durable™ Snap Fastener Set - White - 11/64" Barrel

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Dot® Durable™ Snap Fastener Set - White - 11/64" Barrel
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Dot® Durable™ Cap and Socket Set - White. Also known as snaps or domes. The Dot brand is self-piercing and can be attached without pre-punching - no hole punching in most applications. Compatible with all Dot snap parts and tools. A reliable, rustproof fastener of Nickel Plated Brass from a name you can trust. Made from top quality nickel plated brass. DOT® brand fasteners are highly resistant to corrosion and great for marine applications. Conforms to MIL-F-10884. Excellent for covers, cushions, dodgers, etc. Barrel length is 11/64", diameter of cap is 9/16". Sold as a set which includes the top button and bottom socket. Each.

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