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pattern#22, #30, #36
ColourCutter Only
CONTAINSNickel plated, made high-quality steel. Cutters are heat treated and have sharp edges engineered for accurate cutting and long life.
DESCRIPTIONCutter only. Ensures the correct size and shape of cover for use with button molds. Replacement Item.
DIAMETER#22(9/16"), #30(3/4"), #36(7/8")
FEATURESThe button machine and dies work best when the covers for the button mold are the correct size and shape. To ensure this we offer the short cutter for the die sets listed previously. The cutters do wear with time and the best way to ensure clean round covers for use in the button machine is to keep the cutter current. Make sure that there is always a soft wooden block or the cutting pad (part number TOOGR6120 on page 505) used to extend cutter life.
LENGTHLength is 1.3 inches (approximately 3.5 centimetres)

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