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Cutter & Die

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Cutter & Die
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sale unitSold Per Set.
Pattern#22, #30
ColourCutter & Die - Heavy Fabric
CONTAINSHigh-quality steel that is hardened and tempered to exacting specifications for accurate cutting and long life.
DESCRIPTIONHeavy cutter and die set. Set includes the cutter for cutting material. Use in the #1 Junior machine.
DIAMETER#22(9/16") OR #30(3/4")
FEATURESFor heavier fabrics and vinyl, this die compensates for material thickness to allow quick and proper assembly of the button. Set includes the cutter for cutting material.
LENGTHLength is 1.5 inches (approximately 3.8 centimetres)
USESFor heavier fabric and vinyl in a # size.

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