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6" Cleat - Aluminum

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6" Cleat - Aluminum
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colourCleat - Aluminum
CAUTIONSAluminum Awning Fittings: many of these parts have a similar appearance to their counterparts in the boat topping trade. However, these will be larger castings and also tend towards a coarser finish. These items are not for use with marine tubing. The measurements for these fittings are based on the pipe sizes of Schedule 40 Pipe, which is measured by the inside diameter of the pipe, not the outside as with marine fittings. 3/4" Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 1.05 inches, 1" Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 1.315 inches.
CONTAINSSmooth and Bright Finish Aluminum Casting.
DESCRIPTION6" Sturdy Aluminum Cleat with two countersunk mounting holes and ball ends for safety.
FEATURESEach component is cast from alloys that are best suited to each application. All parts have a smooth surface with a bright finish. Set screws, hinge screws, bolts and nuts are of stainless steel unless otherwise indicated.
USESApplication in the construction of awnings.

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