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3M Scotchlite™ 1" Silver Peel & Stick Tape

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3M Scotchlite Silver Peel & Stick 1" Tape
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION1" Silver Pressure Sensitive Tape is a highly aggressive product with 3M adhesive and is applicable to hard surfaces.
CAUTIONSWhile use of Scotchlite reflective material does greatly enhance visibility, no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. NOTE: This is a Peel-n-Stick product, not for use on flexible surfaces.
FEATURESOffers an enhanced day-time/night-time visibility to the wearer. Meets the flame resistance test 191A, Method 5903. Can be cut into a variety of shapes, sized, numbers and letters. Will retain 50% brightness after 5 minute exposure at 500 F (260 C), when applied to fire helmets.
TEAR STRENGTHStore in a cool dry place. Rolls should be stored on a rod or pipe through the core. Cut sheets may be stored flat.
USESApplicable for hard surfaces such as helmets, inline skates, sports active protective pads, bicycles, etc.

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