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303® Fabric Guard - 16oz

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303® High Tech Fabric Guard - 16oz
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION303® Fabric Guard 16oz.-Flourocarbon Based Fabric protector. Recommended for treating and re-treating Sunbrella products and other Solution dyed Acrylic products.
CAUTIONSNot recommended for plastic, vinyl, fiberglass or imitation suede(see Fabriguard, part # 7167 above, for protecting these materials). Make sure not to get over spray on floors, glass, paint, or clear vinyl., Test for Colorfastness: Spray a hidden area. Wipe the sprayed area with a white absorbent cloth. If any color rubs off, DO NOT USE ., Keep away from spark, flame, and other sources of ignition. Follow all label instructions. Avoid breathing vapours. Avoid direct skin contact.
FEATURESDouble strength UV sunscreen for maximum fade protection. Will not change feel, colour or breathability of the fabric. Non-toxic, odourless when dry. Sunbrella products recommend a fluorocarbon treatment for reproofing over silicone based products, this product is your best choice for Sunbrella applications. Will not change feel, color or breathability of the fabric. Non-toxic and odourless when dry., ULTRA FABRIC PROTECTOR WITH UV INHIBITORS, the sunbrella specialist The specialist professional strength ready to use formula for fabrics and carpeting exposed to sun. World's most powerful and longest lasting fabric protector, lasts up to 3 years. Protects new and cleaned fabric from water, dirt and grease to keep indoor and outdoor fabrics looking new. Double-strength UV sunscreen for maximum fade protection.
INSTRUCTIONSUse only on new or newly cleaned, dry fabric. Spray on 303 High Tech Fabric Guard until damp. Do Not Saturate. Allow fabric to dry thoroughly between coats.
UV RESISTANCEExtremely U.V. Stable
USESBoating: enclosures, biminis, dodgers, boat and sail covers. Commercial and residential awnings, outdoor furniture. RV: Acrylic awnings & furniture. Automotive "canvas" convertible topping. Product recommended by and for Sunbrella/Glen Raven Mills, Inc. and the Haartz Corporation.

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