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303® Aerospace Protectant - 8oz

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303® Aerospace Protectant - 8oz
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303® UV Protectant is SPF 40 protection for the marine environment. 303® carries a UV screen that reduces fading degradation due to ozone, acid rain, and weather. Use it on rubber, plastics, fiberglass, Plexiglass, vinyl, finished leather and webbing. Helps to restore faded gel coat to like-new color. Treated materials retain their original like-new appearance year after year. Unlike many products, 303® Aerospace Protectant does not contain silicone, oils, waxes, glycerin or petroleum distillates and, so, leaves a non-oily, anti-static finish that repels dust, dirt and staining. Treated surfaces stay cleaner reducing maintenance. 303 is water repellent and detergent resistant. Do not use on Acrylic Fabrics. Apply every 30-45 days of exposure. Coverage is typically 140 sq. ft. per 8 oz. Each.

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