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20" - #5 Coil Open End Locking Zipper - Black

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#5 Coil Open End Locking Zipper - Black 20"
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ColourCoil 20" Open End Autolock - Black
CONTAINSChain Coil: Nylon Tape: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate - plastic)
Description20" #5 Black Coil Open End Autolock Zipper
DimensionsLength: 20"
FeaturesThese are auto lock zippers, so the sliders stay put until the tab is lifted and the slider is moved. The #5 coil has a flat, low profile that will not intrude into fashion designs. Pre-made #5 zippers. These are separable zippers so suitable for use in garments.
TemperatureHeat resistance: up to 130 C. Cold resistance: down to -60 C.
USESUseful in garment and sport bag applications.

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