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2" Back to Back Hook/Loop Fastener - Black

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Back to Back Hook/Loop Fastener - Black - 2"
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION2" Hook/Loop Black-Black Hook and Loop 2 SIDED VELCRO for sports and orthopedic equipment.
BRANDEnnis Fabrics
CONTENT100% Nylon
FEATURESCompletely washable and dry cleanable, these jam proof elements are adjustable and increase strength with pressure. They are available in sew on or pressure sensitive adhesive backed forms., Nylon fastener that is a two part system. One part consists of rows of hooks and the other part of a mass of loops. When pressed together, they form a highly secure closure, yet can be easily re-opened with a simple peeling action.
THICKNESSProduct thickness is 3.0 mm.
USESWidely used on garments, bags, footwear, tents and furniture

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