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#1 Junior Button Machine

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#1 Junior Button Machine
Part Number: 30000
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION#1 Junior Button Machine-Dies not included, order separately to fit sizes required.
CONTENTHeavy cast iron alloy construction
ELONGATIONNote: There are higher output machines available on special order if higher production is required. There is a foot operated swivel die machine capable of approximately 400 buttons/hr and a fully pneumatic machine capable of approximately 500 buttons/hr. Both these machines and the dies for them are available by special order.
FEATURESThis versatile bench mounted manual press type machine both cuts covers and makes firm solid buttons. It is designed to work with 2 piece dies and the short cutter. It includes a wood block for use in cutting covers and is capable of approximately 90 buttons per hour. Total height is 22", and shipping weight is 13 lbs. Cutters and dies are stocked for all common button sizes. Standard dies are part numbers: #22 = 2141, #30 = 2143, #36 = 2145, #45 = 2147. Heavy Duty dies are part numbers: #22 = 2133, #30 = 2135.

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